Importing Person Data (Transferring Customer Data into Udio

- Navigate to ‘Settings’ and then to ‘Import Person Data’ 

- Copy your data from a spreadsheet into the ‘Source Data’ text box. 

- Tick ‘Use First row as headers’ if your first row of customer data is the headers that describe what the column data is. 

- Tick ‘Blend Contact Details’ if you want Udio to automatically assume customers with any of the same contact details are related and to place them into the same billing account.

- Click ‘Confirm’ 

- You will then be asked to identify what each column of your data represents. If your First column is the First name of your customer you would select ‘First name’ from the dropdown box. Repeat for all columns. The data in the blue next on the right hand side are examples of the data in that column.

- Once complete, click ‘Confirm’, you will see a confirmation in blue at the top of the page. 

- Important: Spend some time checking the data you’re importing is correct and filled in. Failure to do so will result in time consuming data entry in Udio later.