Identifying and Resolving Issues

  • Identifying and Resolving Issues

The Issues tab highlights any unresolved issues that your facility has. Issues are mainly incorrect set up of a billing account i.e. the set up is missing a 'Bill Payer' or they have an incorrect email address.

  1. Click on the Issues tab. You will see what the issue is;  i.e. whether it is a missing email address or a missing billing account id.
  2. On this page it will also show you the 'Facility' where the issue has occured, the 'Action,' 'When' the issue has occurred and finally a column indicating whether the issue has been resolved.

To resolve an issue click on the underlined email address or the billing account number.

  1. Review the Error message. If the email address needs to be updated, click on the Person and update the email address.
  2. Go back into the issue and click ‘Mark as Resolved.’
  3. If it is a billing account issue, click on the billing account and correct the error.
  4. Then go back to the issue and click 'Mark as Resolved.'