View Sessions and Availability

  1.        If their are members of the same family looking to get lessons at the same time select the ‘Session’ section.
  2.        You can filter to find information based on the customer enquiry. You can filter by course, weekday, facility or by date and time.
  3.        Note: You do not have to use all filters. You can select whatever filter is applicable.
  4.        When entering information, remember you can enter more than one course at a time. This is useful when you have multiple students from the same family. 
  5.        You will see how many can be booked into a class, how many have been booked in, how many permanent spots are available and how many temporary spots are available. You can also use the filters to view temporary spots.
  6.        To view more information about a session, click on ‘View Details’. Here you will see the course type, session time and duration.  If the session has any issues (e.g. you have no students booked in) you will be alerted by a message at the top of the screen.