Head Office Transfer

This is where there is a one off item or items that don’t touch stock numbers

You will need to set up a Supplier called Head Office transfer, this will allow the items to be transferred without entering or exiting your physical stock.

  • Stock arrives at Head Office (or direct from the supplier)

  • The stock is physically counted and sorted into the Stores it need to go to

  • Create each item in Udio remembering to upload images of the new items by editing the product

  • Go to Brand

  • Select Style / Category such as one piece or two piece, ladies, men’s, children

  • Click Add SKU

  • Add SKU, Attributes, select the image and click confirm


Scan or find the item and add the Wholesale (for this you need to add Head Office, Head Office Transfer and Supplier) and Retail price

Then you create an order

  • All Stores

  • Select Stock 

  • Stock orders 

  • Add new order


Head Office Transfer

  • Create order
  • Scan / search item to be transferred
  • Stock count is updated
  • Update
  • Send for Processing, twice
  • Dispatch, twice
  • Store receives and marks items as received
  • Accept and close
  • Close