Purchase a shop item

This is when a customer just wants to purchase a shop item.

  1.        Either scan the barcode or search for the product by typing in the name
  2.        If the customer is purchasing more than one of the same item either click on the item again or enter the amount
  3.        If there is another item to purchase scan again or search again. Note: You can add multiple items to the basket.
  4.        If the item does not have a stock number in Udio you will not be able to purchase the item even if the customer is physically holding the item.
  5.        When you have entered all the items, click on ‘Checkout’.
  6.        Because you are not paying for fees in this transaction, click on ‘Skip Selection’
  7.        Select the payment method. If the payment method is cash, enter the amount given to you by the customer and click ‘Confirm.’

At the bottom of the receipt you will see the change that is to be given back to the customer. This invoice can be printed if required.