Writing an Email to explain to your customers to sign up to Customer Portal?

  1.         Navigate to the ‘Settings’ page and then to ‘Configure Email Templates’
  2.         Click ‘Create new template’ and select ‘Account Notification’
  3.         Name the Template in the first text box
  4.         In ‘Email Subject’ write a short line that will appear in the emails subject line.
  5.         Write a message explaining the process.
  6.         Use the Insert Template Tags dropdown to select: {{customer_accounts_signup_link}} which will generate the link that your customers need to click on in order to create an account.
  7.         When complete, select ‘Confirm’ to save the template.
  8.         Now go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Send Emails and Export Addresses’
  9.         Use the filter to determine who you would like to send the email to.
  10.         Once you have the list you wish to send to, click on ‘Send emails to list’, and select the email you have just written.
  11.         Then select ‘Confirm’ to send the email. You will see a notification message at the top of the page saying “Your mass email send task has been added to the queue”.