Adding Staff Members

To add a staff member, follow the same process as adding a customer.

  1.         Navigate to the ‘People’ section, type in the name of the Staff member and click ‘Add <name>’
  2.         Fill out the staff member details and click ‘Confirm’
  3.         If you wish to give the staff member their own login to Udio (recommended) add an email address by clicking ‘Add Detail’ then ‘Email’
  4.         You’ll then need to click ‘Login’ and then ‘Manage login access’
  5.         Tick the ‘Permit Login’ check box and select their email address for ‘Login Email’
  6.         Select what permission group access you want this staff member to have and what facilities they should have access to and click ‘Confirm’
  7.         When the staff member arrives at the login page for the first, they should click ‘Set or reset Password’ and then enter the email address that you added for them in Udio.
  8.         They will receive an email to that address containing a link to a new page where they can set a password.
  9.         After they’ve confirmed a password, the staff member can login using their email address and password and will have access levels for the permission group you set earlier.