How to link people who are on different billing accounts onto the same billing account

  1.         Go to the profile page of one of the people. Click ‘View Accounts’ to go into their billing account.
  2.         You will need to first cancel any active bookings (if any exist) on this person’s account. On their profile page, click ‘Remove’, then ‘Find Bookings’.
  3.         Click ‘Select Series’ next to the earliest session and then ‘Confirm’.
  4.         You now need to reverse the payment. Follow the steps outlined in 11.3 to do this.
  5.         After you’ve reversed the invoices, you should now have a balance of $0.00 on this account.
  6.         Click ‘View Account’ to go into the Billing account and then select the trash can symbol to remove this person from the billing account. This Billing account should now have no-one attached to it and have a balance of $0.00.  
  7.         Navigate back to the people tab, and find the other person who you would like the person whose billing account you’ve just removed to join.  Open thein profile page.
  8.         Click ‘View Account’ to enter their billing account.
  9.         Click ‘Add Person’, then ‘Find Person’ and find the individual you removed from the billing account earlier. Select their name and then click ‘Confirm’
  10.         You now need to re-add the booking you removed earlier. Add this booking back and you should see the Current Balance rise to reflect the total amount owing for both individuals.