Reversing a Customers invoices or fee’s

Navigate to Reports, and then click on “Open Invoices Report".  You’ll now see a list of everyone who has invoices owing.

  1.         Click on the name of the person who’s balances you want to return to 0.
  2.         Click on ‘View Account” and then View Invoices’
  3.         Click on the invoice you want to reverse.
  4.         Click ‘Cancel invoice’ and select ‘Confirm’
  5.         If there is another invoice you want to reverse, click on the invoice, Cancel invoice again and then confirm.
  6.         After you’ve cancelled all the invoices, click on ‘Back to billing account’
  7.         Now click ‘View All Activity’
  8.         Click the ‘Reverse’ button next to the relevant invoice and then ‘Confirm’.
  9.         Repeat for all you want to reverse.
  10.         Now click ‘Go back’
  11.         If you reversed all invoices, the current balance for this particular individual should show “$0.00”. If you reversed only certain invoices, the current balance should now reflect these changes.
  12.         Return to the Open Invoices Report and locate the next person whose invoices you wish to