Reversing a Single customer’s invoices or fee’s

  1. Navigate to the Profile page of the person whose invoices you want to cancel or reverse.
  2. -        Click on ‘View Account’ and then View Invoices’
  3. -        Click on the invoice you want to reverse.
  4. -        Click ‘Cancel invoice’ and select ‘Confirm’
  5. -        If there is another invoice you want to reverse, click on the invoice, Cancel invoice again and then confirm.
  6. -        After you’ve cancelled all the invoices, click on ‘Back to billing account’
  7. -        Now click ‘View All Activity’
  8. -        Click the ‘Reverse’ button next to the relevant invoice and then ‘Confirm’.
  9. -        Repeat for all you want to reverse.
  10. -        Now click ‘Go back’
  11. -        If you reversed all invoices, the current balance for this particular individual should show “$0.00”. If you reversed only certain invoices, the current balance should now reflect these changes.