Configure Achievements

Achievements such as certificates and merits are often awarded once a goal has been reached. The achievements of your customers can be recorded through the use of the ‘Configure achievements’ setting.

Adding Achievements

  1.        From Settings, click on ‘Confgure Achievements
  2.         Select ‘Add New Achievement
  3.         Select the relevant course the achievement is for
  4.         Name the Achievement
  5.         Add a description if required and click ‘Confirm’

Editing Achievements

  1.         Click on ‘Edit’ of the achievement you need to edit
  2.         Make the changes to the course, name and description.
  3.         Click ‘Confirm’

Deleting Achievements

  1.         Click on the ‘Delete’ button next to the achievement you wish to delete
  2.         Click ‘Confirm’