Configure Course Programmes

Programmes should be set up first. A programme is made up of one or more courses. After the programmes have been set up, you add the courses, and finally you add sessions to those courses. For example: you may name one programme “Babies”, and courses in that programme might be called “Babies Level 1”, “Babies Level 2”, “Babies Level 3”. 

Adding a New Programme

  1.         From Settings, click on ‘Configure Course Programmes
  2.         Select ‘Add New Programme
  3.         Type in the name of the programme and a description if required
  4.         Click ‘Confirm’
  5.         Repeat for all programmes in your business

Editing a Programme

  1.         Click on the ‘Edit’ button next to the programme you need to edit
  2.         Make the changes to name and/or description and click ‘Confirm’

Moving a Programme

  1.         The order of the programs can be changed
  2.         Click and hold on the ‘Move’ button
  3.         Move the program to where you require it to be