Configure Courses

Adding a New Course

  1.         From Settings, click on ‘Configure Courses
  2.         Select ‘Add New Course’
  3.         Enter name of the course and select the programme that it falls under.
  4.         Choose a colour for your course. This will help you locate and identify the course easier and can be changed at anytime.
  5.         Click ‘Confirm’
  6.         Navigate back to the settings page and select ‘Configure Courses’ again. You should now see it in the list of Courses.  

Edit an Existing Course

  1.         Click on ‘Edit’ of the course you need to edit
  2.         Make the changes to name, program, description and colour
  3.         Click ‘Confirm’


Moving a Course

  1.         Click and hold on the ‘Move’ button
  2.         Move the course to where you require it to be

Create a Session

After you have created a session, you can click on the ‘Create New Session’ button to create sessions for this course.  You may elect to skip this step and leave it for later in the setup process. 

  1.         Click on ‘Create Session’ (after you clicked ‘Confirm’ when adding a new course’)
  2.         Complete all the fields and click ‘Confirm’ to complete