Package Discounts

Package discounts can be used to discount the cost of a course. For example: if a family has two members already signed up at your business, you may elect to give the third family member a discount. 

Add New Discounts

  1.         From Settings, click on ‘Configure Package Discounts’
  2.         Select ‘Add New Discount Configuration’
  3.         Enter the name, the description, select the packages the discount applies to
  4.         Select the facilities this discount applies to
  5.         For discount rules, “If there are between” = 4 and 6 apply a 25%. This means child 4,5,6 gets a 25% discount. Children 1,2 & 3 pay full price.
  6.         Click ‘Confirm’


  1.         Click on the ‘Edit’ button and make change to the name, description, packages, facilities & discount rules
  2.         Click ‘Confirm’ to save the changes