Configure Facilities

On sign in your first facility will have been created. If your business requires more than one facility, this section is aimed at providing you with the steps required to add a new facility. You can also add your resource information in here. A resource can be a lane, a room or equipment.

Add a New Facility

  1.         Add in the name of the facility and the ABN
  2.         Change the Time Zone of the facility, if required a description and click on ‘Confirm’
  3.         Add contact details, such as address, phone number and email address
  4.         Add resources by clicking on ‘Add new’
  5.         Add the name and if required a description, click ‘Confirm’
  6.         Add as many resources as required
  7.         Add notes that relate to the facility by clicking on ‘Add note’
  8.         Type in the note in the white box and tick on the star so the count is displayed. An attachment can be added. Enter the name of the attachment and choose the file that is to be uploaded
  9.         Click on ‘Confirm’
  10.         You will see that a blue circle with a number in it will be displayed indicating there is a note.

Edit a Facility

  1.         From Settings, click on ‘Configure facilities
  2.         Click on the facility you want to edit
  3.         Click on ‘Edit facility’ to edit the name, ABN, time zone or description. Click ‘Confirm’ after making the changes
  4.         To edit contact details, resources or notes click on the pen, make changes & click on ‘Confirm’

Delete Information in a Facility

  1.         To delete information in contact details, resources and notes click on the trash can and then click on ‘Confirm’