Configure Voucher Types

Many businesses have vouchers of some description, which allow customers to attend lessons.

Adding a New Voucher Type

  1.         From Settings, click on ‘Configure Voucher types’
  2.         Select ‘Add New Voucher type’
  3.         Add in the name, select when the vouchers should expire (i.e. how long they should run for. If    you set the Voucher to expire after 1 month, your customers will be billed monthly) and the courses these vouchers are to be used for.

Edit a Voucher Type

  1.         Click on the ‘Edit’ button and make changes to the name, expiry period and the courses
  2.         Click ‘Confirm’

Move a Voucher Type

  1.         Click and hold on the ‘Move’ button
  2.         Move the voucher type to where you require it to be