Configure Packages, Pricing and Availability

Packages, pricing and availability are all variables in business, which are subject to change. The following steps allow pertinent information to be added and changed. In this step, you are essential entering in the price or your courses and selecting the charging interval (how often a customer is billed)

Add New Packaging & Pricing

  1.         From Settings click on ‘Configure Packages, Pricing and Availability’
  2.         Select ‘Add New Package’
  3.         Select the appropriate package type
  4.         Enter the name of the package
  5.         Tick ‘Available for purchase’
  6.         Select the appropriate reporting structure
  7.         Select the appropriate charging interval raises billing.
  8.         Select the appropriate number of weekdays
  9.         Select the appropriate courses
  10.         Click ‘Confirm’

Edit Packaging & Pricing

  1.         Click on the ‘Edit’ button and make any changes
  2.         Click ‘Confirm’ to save the changes

Manage Pricing

  1.         Click ‘Manage pricing’ next to the package you wish to edit
  2.         Select ‘Add new pricing option’
  3.         Enter the start date (cannot post-date)
  4.         The price including tax and tax %
  5.         The price excluding tax and tax value will be automatically updated
  6.         Select the facilities this price applies to.
  7.         Click ‘Confirm’ to save the changes