Setting up a Stripe Account

Stripe is a third party online payments company that enables Udio to accept and manage payments online. If you want to use Udio to take online payments from Customer accounts, you’ll need to create an account with Stripe. There are no upfront costs with using Stripe, but as with EFTPOS or many other type of payment processes you are charged a small percentage on each payment. You can find the rates they charge and more about Stripe here:

To set up Stripe on your Udio account:

  1.         Navigate to 'Settings'
  2.         Select 'Configure Facilities'
  3.         Select your Facility
  4.         Click on 'Connect to Stripe Account' at the top of the page
  5.         Click 'Connect to Stripe'
  6.         Fill out the details of your business.
  7.         Click 'Authorise access to this account'
  8.         You’ll then be taken back to Udio and are now ready to start accepting online payments through Udio.