Businesses are spoilt for choice with the products they decide to stock. This setting gives you the flexibility to add each product and all the relevant information pertaining to it including the SKU, and the wholesale and retail prices. 

Adding a New Product

  1.         From Settings click on ‘All products’
  2.         Select ‘Add New Product’
  3.         Select the Brand, Primary Category, Title of the product and select categories
  4.         Choose files for images (this will be displayed next to the item for ease of finding)
  5.         Click ‘Confirm’ to save the changes
  6.         You will now be taken to another screen prompting you to enter the SKU for this product.

Adding an SKU code

  1.         Following on from the above, click on ‘Add’
  2.         Enter or scan SKU code
  3.         Enter the attributes (you can add multiple by clicking ‘Add Attribute’)
  4.         Select an image by clicking on the image itself
  5.         Click on ‘Confirm’ to save the changes
  6.         You will now need to add the price for the product, see ‘Add Wholesale Price’ below

Add Wholesale Price

  1.         Click on ‘Add Wholesale Price’
  2.         Select a supplier, start and end date, price including tax and the tax rate
  3.         Click ‘Add price’
  4.         Click on ‘Back to product’ (at the top of the page)
  5.         You’ll now need to set a retail price, see ‘Add a Retail Price’ below

Add a Retail Price

  1.         Click on ‘Add Retail Price’
  2.         Under ‘Add Price’, select the stores where this price will be effective, a Start and end date,and  price including tax and tax rate
  3.         Click ‘Add price’
  4.         Click on ‘Back to product’ (at the top of the page)
  5.         When ready, you’ll need to set the initial stock count, see ‘Adding the initial stock count’ below

Adding the Initial Stock Count

  1.         From Settings, click on ‘All stores’
  2.         Select the relevant store
  3.         Click on ‘Stock’ and then on ‘Adjust stock’
  4.         Select or search for an SKU
  5.         Type in your initial stock quantity
  6.         Add a note (e.g. initial count) and click ‘Confirm’