Configure Booking Types

  • Configure Booking Types

Your business will have different types of bookings. Booking types may be a student, teacher, manager on duty etc. You have the flexibility to make changes to these booking types or remove them altogether at any stage.

Add a New Booking Type

  1.         From settings, click on ‘Configure Booking Types’
  2.         Select ‘Add New Booking Type’
  3.         Add the name and description if required
  4.         Click ‘Confirm’

Edit a Booking Type

  1.         Click on ‘Edit’ and make the changes to name or description         
  2.         Click ‘Confirm’

Move a Booking Type

  1.         Click and hold on the ‘Move’ button
  2.         Move the booking type to where you require it to be

Delete a Booking Type

  1.         Click the ‘Delete’ button and click ‘Confirm’