Create an Assessment session

Go to the ‘Sessions’ section:

  1.        At the top click on ‘Add New’ and select ‘Course Session’
  2.        Choose the course that you are entering, in this case select ‘Assessment’ then select the facility and the resources required. (this will be the lane that is made available for assessments)
  3.        Tick the ‘Exclusive’ checkbox if the session requires the specific resource exclusively
  4.        Enter the start date and time followed by the end date and time.
  5.        Select ‘New’ for series
  6.        Leave Series Code as it is. This is an automatically generated code to help you identify sessions.
  7. Tick ‘Auto Create Sessions’ to have this session repeat continually or until a specified date you select.
  8.   ‘Sessions Interval’ is asking for you to select the interval in which you want the session to repeat. E.g. if you want a session to be run once a week, select ‘1 Week’
  9.  Scroll down to booking configuration and click on ‘Add Another’
  10.  Click type and select ‘Assessment’
  11.  Enter 0 as the minimum and the maximum.