Create a New Session

Go to the ‘Sessions’ section:

  1.        Select ‘Add New’ then ‘Course session’ from the drop down menu
  2.        Select the relevant course, facility and resources required for the session
  3.        Tick the ‘Exclusive’ checkbox if the session requires the specific resource exclusively
  4.        Select Start and End time and dates.
  5.        Ensure the series code is set to ‘New’. You will only designate this series as ‘Existing’ when editing an existing session.

Under ‘Series Details’:

  1.        Leave Series Code as it is. This is an automatically generated code to help you identify sessions.
  2.        Tick ‘Auto Create Sessions’ to have this session repeat continually or until a specified date you select.
  3.        ‘Sessions Interval’ is asking for you to select the interval in which you want the session to repeat. E.g. if you want a session to be run once a week, select ‘1 Week’
  4. Add an 'Active Until Date' if required.

Under ‘Booking Configuration’:

  1.        Select ‘Add another’ and enter the minimum and maximum number of each type of participant for the session. E.g. For the type ‘Student’ you might want a maximum of 10 students in the class and a minimum of 2.
  2.        Select ‘Add another’ to repeat this process for any other types and select ‘Confirm’ to create the session.

You have now created a single session. If you want this session to repeat indefinitely or until a certain date select 'Series Settings' under 'Series Code' on the right hand side of the page. Then select 'Edit.' 

Check 'Auto Create Sessions' to make this session continually create new sessions.

Use this auto create sessions when you have a session that runs indefinitely.

Choose the interval in which you want this .......Text missing!!!

If you want or need to edit any of the details of this session:

  1.        Find the session on the ‘Sessions’ page and click ‘View Details’ next to it.
  2.        Click on ‘Edit Session’
  3.        Make any changes and if you want these changes to be reflected in all future sessions ensure you tick the box “Update Upcoming”
  4.        If you want to change anything about the series, click on ‘View Series Details’ and then ‘Edit’