Create a Term Based Session

There are a series of Settings that need to be created for Term Based Sessions

Step 1:

  1.        Navigate to the ‘Settings’ section
  2.        Go to Configure Voucher Types under ‘Packaging & Purchasing’ 
  3.        Select ‘Add New Voucher Type’
  4.        Name the voucher e.g. Term Based Student
  5.        Tick ‘Show in customer accounts’ (if you offer this service to your customers)
  6.        Select ‘Never’ for ‘Expires after’ then select the Courses that apply to Term Based bookings and click ‘Confirm.’

Step 2:

  1.        Navigate to the ‘Settings’ section
  2.        Select ‘Configure booking types’ under ‘Scheduling’ 
  3.        Select ‘Add New Booking Type’
  4.        Name e.g. Term Based Student, tick ‘Use for customer accounts bookings’ (if you offer this service to your customers)
  5.        Type in a description if required and tick ‘Show names of people in session info’ if applicable
  6.        Booking requirements – Requires vouchers/session passes (always booked as regular)
  7.        Tick ‘Automatically mark as attended on booking’ if required and click ‘Confirm.’

Step 3:

  1.        Go to ‘Configure packages, pricing and availability’
  2.        Select ‘Add New Package,' Enter Package type – Voucher package, one time purchase and name the package
  3.        Leave ticked available for purchase
  4.        Select the Report charges under these programmes 
  5.        Voucher quantity – depends on the number of weeks in the term.
  6.        Select your Voucher type, add a description if required and click ‘Confirm.’
  7.        Add New Pricing Option,  then a Start at date followed by selecting the price including tax, the tax percentage or dollar amount if applicable and select the facilities the prices apply to and then click ‘Confirm.’

Repeat for all Voucher and Pricing types.

If there is a public holiday during the term, create the session for the full term and then delete the day of the Public Holiday.