To add a person to the waiting list

If a customers requests a time or day and a spot is not currently available we can put them on the waiting list in Udio.


  1. Go to the Sessions screen. Where it usually says 'Add Student', it will say ‘Add Student to waiting list’, click on 'Add Student to waiting list.'
  2. Find the Person’s name that is to go on the Waiting List and complete the page with the required details. 
  3. Ensure you tick 'Move existing booking and purchases', otherwise the customer will have two bookings.
  4.  Then click 'Confirm.'
  5. Select the purchase for the booking you want to move and click 'Confirm.'
  6. The request will be added to the Waiting List, the Invite button will be ‘greyed out’ until a spot becomes available.

The waiting list will display a notation on whether the customer is an existing customer by displaying 'Move' or new customers by displaying 'New' next to their names.