Release Notes

March 2019

Ability to remove courses that are no longer required

Ability to remove Achievements that have been assigned but are no longer used

Deletion of Direct Debit information for IntegraPay customers

Display booking for each person on the Relationship tabs

Quicker way of inputting Achievements

Amendments to the fortnightly package so they charge on the same date.

Update to the confirmation email for Customer Accounts

February 2019

Ability to add Notes to child on the Sessions form.

Additional advanced search widgets on the People Search and Emails

Customer Notices - delete button to remove old notices

DD batches sent more often

January 2019

Ability for a business to remove the 'Disable' function on Customer Accounts for Direct Debit

'Turn off' ability for customers to do Moves in Customer Accounts

Add a description box in Courses which displays on Sessions. Allowing businesses to add Course information for their staff to view

Ability to view active vouchers for each voucher type and Expire a specific voucher type.

Attendance Sheets now have a $ for outstanding fees and display Achievements for School Holiday Programmes

New closure day Mode to allow for Yearly Pro rata fees to be raised

Custom Reports allow set up of subscription of delivery of reports to Inbox

Person's facility is now shown in person details page, so tracking is more acruate 

Stricter Editing of Sessions and automatic update of future sessions

Add the user who recorded the Course Completion and Achievements in the Downloaded reports

Further improvements to the Term Rollover feature for Term Based businesses

All emails generated in Udio no have a reply to the facility it was booked in at.

Clearer cancellation types of Sessions

Invoice is automatically created when a 'New Charge' is added to a Billing Account

December 2018

Term Based customers have the option of raising fees at time of roll over

Ability to Remove and Move Achievements around

New Package type of Monthly (yearly average pro-rata)

Added Postcode column to existing report - Email and Survey Reports under Additional Reports

Ability to see Sessions on the Calendar Screen that have the same resource

Added Postcode to Additional Report of 'Email and Survey'

November 2018

Add new and updated features to Email and People search functions

Part Day Facility closures

Added People Search Widget to Dashboard

New settings for for Dashboard widgets including Check-in, Customer Contact and New, Leaving a Returning Customers

Customer Contact button to record when you spoke to a customer, settings to say how many days since a customer has been contacted. Customers not contacted in this time will be displayed on Dashboard

Noticeboard within Customer Accounts

Updates to Email filters, including only sending emails to Bill Payers

October 2018

Update the header style to match website, allowing for addition of Logo

Double entry of email address when signing up to Customer Accounts so confirmation email is no longer required

Ability to add the Udio Timetable to a businesses website

Customer Accounts is more mobile friendly

September 2018

Report for Multiple Bookings

Birthday Widget

New version of Widgets which should be sortable

Customer Contact Wdiget to help staff know who needs to be spoken to

Recent people Widget displays the last 10 names of people used

Updates to Term Based Businesses

Search function for old outstanding invoices in the Bill Payers Report

Today's birthdays show when people are Checking In via the Check In Widget on Dashboard

Add the Teacher name to the Check In Widget

QR Code in Customer Accounts for Self Check-in when in a Landscape mode

August 2018

Customer Accounts - QR codes are visible for Self Check-in

Calendar - can filter on Resource

Can add multiple vouchers with the same expiry date

Added more expiry intervals to Voucher Types

Limiting make ups per month / year / term

Unable to book a Make Up in Customer Accounts if monies are owed on their account

Unable to book a Make Up in Customer Accounts if there is no regular booking

Customers Accounts - View All in Result was not expanding

July 2018

Term Based customers can now apply Family Discount

Term Based customers can have their customers use Customer Account to move their bookings

Dashboard widget that displayed booked Assessments and if they have been booked via Customer Accounts

New Session form allowing for multiple days and times to be entered

Term Based customers now have a easier way of duplicating Sessions

Birthday Report - Added to the Period 'Today', 'Tomorrow', 'This Month' and 'Next Month' 

Added the name on the invoice next to the invoice number

All Invoices report - can now view in the download of the report - the payment type and payment date

Payments List report displays charges as well as payment information and dates

June 2018

Allow School Holiday programs to choose the combination of make ups and payment in both Customer Account and Udio itself.

Allow businesses to add 'Hot Buttons' for campaigns for booking in Customer Accounts such as School Holiday Program.

May 2018

New Report listing all invoices, both paid and outstanding

Ability to upload time trails and record PB's as well as tracking through the Customer Portal

Revision of the Fees Report

April 2018

Track your Child's progress in the Customer Portal

Download Certificates and Achievements in the Customer Portal

Ability to add Course information and links to videos in the Customer Portal

Ability to Bulk Email customers that have an outstanding balance of their account

Edit Customer Contact Details in the Customer Portal

Ability to add Direct Debit Details into the Customer Portal

New Report listing Course Completions

New Report listing Achievements

Updates to the Customer Portal to including changes to wording, making make ups more visible

March 2018

New report listing Birthday's by month.

New Report listing all Credits applied, can filter on the description.

New Report - Listing all Reversals including amount and actioned by

Adding for Merchant Warrior and IntegraPay DDR inside customer account.

When adding DDR dropdown for facilities will show only relevant to billing account facilities. So staff members and customers will not be confused to which facility they need to add DDR.

IntegraPay settings check username and password during entering and also shows connection status and actual business name to where funds go.

Sign up page for Customer Portal to know when an email has already been used, if it does it will forward them to the login page

Udio now has an API to IntegraPay

Remove staff members view shows all series now.

Products must have category assigned.

Discounts in POS are always visible. Previously it was only showing them if there were 2 or more.

Added Resource to the Attendance Sheets

February 2018

Easier way to move and remove customer bookings

January 2018

Ability to Download some of the existing reports

Extra labels on the Calendar

Added course start date to Attendance Sheets

Security updates for Meltdown and Spectre

December 2017

Achievements visible in Sessions for School Holiday Program

Extra page filters in the Customer Portal

Added more flexibility to family discounts

Ability for School Holiday Program to be booked online through the Customer Portal

Update to Customer Portal Sign Up page to include phone number

Update to the Customer Portal Sign Up / Sign in page

November 2017

Billing Groups: Sort customers in separate groups with different pricing structure.

Bookings and session reports have same filters.

POS opening time has been greatly improved.

Onboarding process for new customers greatly simplified by pre-filling generic data.

Purchases list report allows to search by actual sessions start.

Removal of the last product image was causing server error.

October 2017

Udio can now work for New Zealand and Singapore-based companies.

UDIO on TV! Noticeboards for reception areas have arrived.

Bank and Credit Cards payments can have separate surcharges.

Customer accounts are integrated with Google Tag Manager.

Monthly achievers website widget (list previous months).

Email template tag for outstanding balance.

A lot easier way to add new person to billing account.

Easier access to payment options after online enrolment.

Packages list shows more information.

Improved access time to Store billing accounts activity page.

Import of people does not import 'placeholder' contact details.

Customer accounts treats emails with lower and upper case letters the same.

Add invoice view automatically selects facility.

Customer trends report sometimes was showing stale data.

Could not add any contact details to facilities.

Not showing removed staff members on bookings in customer accounts.

Better handling of per-session pricing for perpetual courses.

Removing of all items from the order was failing.

Supplier detail page was showing error in rare cases.

Update of stock take lines fails.

Cards with insufficient funds showed server error.

People without billing accounts were getting stuck on 'not found' page in customer accounts.

September 2017

Online Bookings through Customer Accounts are now live.

Direct Debit with bank accounts & credit cards.

August 2017

New account setting: allow several or one course per purchase.

It is now possible to show monthly achievers on your own website. Look in the Website Widgets & Scripts section of Settings.

Reports have been renamed to clarify their purpose.

Customer name is now visible on the payments screen in the invoice description.

Import person process now even more robust with some weird and incorrect characters.

Invoice cancel function now automatically reverses charges. Less clicks.

Sessions without resources are now visible on the calendar.

Totals in Bookings statistics report (by facility) have been fixed and show correct numbers.

Self-checkin terminals were refusing to check people in one year after initial install. Now they will.

July 2017

New setting in the account allows to choose when new bookings are being charged — on the day of the booking or on the day of first session.

You can upload your logo to use in emails in 'General settings'.

Stock values report was missing some values. It shows full results now.

June 2017

Search in stocktake works again.

People import works better with non-english characters. Is simpler to use.

SKUs of removed products are not visible in stocktakes.

Person now has a 'code' field which can be helpful in migrating from legacy systems.

Recover person button no longer leads to 404 page.

Sometimes contact details on person detail page take long time to update. This has been fixed.

Cancel multiple sessions form sometimes was not cancelling any sessions and was not producing any errors in the process. It works better now.

Udio no longer creates zero value payments if user have selected multiple invoices but entered payment for only one of them.

May 2017

It is possible now to reverse charges and cancel closed Sale Order if it does not have any payments. Or if payments were reversed. It is done by clicking 'Reverse & Cancel' in order detail.

New version of Customer Accounts is in staging environment to iron-out last bugs.

New design of Check-In Kiosk interface. Better visibility in low-light conditions.

No server error on importing people's details from the file with completely empty columns.

Minor error on connecting to Stripe from Sandbox environment.

Waiting list places are not getting mixed up across facilities.

Some waiting list place invitations can't be accepted with error "all bookings must be removed after ..."

Non-english characters are no longer causing problems during adding of people details.

Administrative and Event sessions were retired to improve database performance. May be reintroduced at a later date.

Attendance sheets show only staff members and performance is greatly improved.

Occasional error on iPad-based checkin terminal was rectified.

Only enabled terminals are shown on iPad-based check-in kiosk.

Performance of dashboard should be a lot higher now. It was way too slow if user had access to more then 10 facilities.

April 2017

Calendar View for sessions is here. It is now possible to overview resource utilisation across the whole facility. Daily and weekly views are available.

Sometimes 'next regular session' link was pointing to a session without spots. Now it correctly points to session with spots.

Attendance sheets were showing instructor name twice if not filtered by particular person.

Waiting list accept was failing if first session is too close to the last. Now it performs correctly.

Declined waiting list invitations are now correctly shown as 'declined' instead of 'expired'.

Discounts on Sale Orders were not applying in some cases. Now they do.

March 2017

UDIO can now charge weekly, fortnightly, monthly and quarterly. With pro-rata to any day of the month or week. And even before period starts.

ReBook Feature. Term-based businesses now can rebook all the customers and re-create sessions for a new term in one batch.

Special search operations in People search.

Family add form does not use auto-complete anymore. It is for adding new people, not old.

During cancellation of the whole session it is not possible to issue make up vouchers. To everyone. It is optional.

Session copy page was removed (and forgotten).

Customers are no longer logged out of customer accounts automatically.

Invoices for UDIO can now be sent to accounting departments directly.

Bookings by course totals are producing correct figures in all filtering cases.

Course session add form shows validation error instead of server error in case of multiple booking configurations of the same type.

Self-checkin app for iPad behaves better during errors and also shows camera view not upside-down. Kids were upset.

Sometimes invoices for products were produced without all the charges (oops). Now it correctly charges for everything.

UDIO Demo became too big and had trouble during provisioning.

For our larger customers resources select in course session form can show now more than 20 resources.

There is no longer server error during email sending if address has an issue.

Homepage widget 'first and returning customers' should be a lot faster now. Even if there are hundreds and hundreds of new customers. We should not punish success.

November 2016

Customers can now change dates and times of their booking through customer accounts. It is possible from the 'bookings' page. Flexibility of the changes is controlled with Account-wide setting.

It is now possible to add charge to the billing account directly, without purchases. This is most helpful in transferring existing customers' balances into UDIO.

New account-wide settings are added: how restricted booking changes through customer accounts are and how far in the future allow changes to bookings (moves and new bookings).

When person is removed from the bookings 'cancelled purchases' list and 'leaving question' report are showing this (sad) event on the same day now. Previously it was shown twice (twice sad).

Import process has been improved to show on which line of imported file there is an error.

Import process also checks people's birthdays now to avoid making duplicate records.

'Why are you leaving' question is now asked in the 'Remove bookings' form on the first page, to save time and avoid confusion.

In family add form, which is quite long, has any errors, they are shown on the top of the page to help with confusion, why form has not worked as it should.

Also when adding people on 'person add' or 'family add' pages Udio now automatically capitalises names of the people (respecting names that start with lower case letters, like deGaulle).

POS-related settings are arranged in a more logical way.

Customer accounts settings show full customer accounts URL, attempt not to use confusing terms like 'slug' too much.

Product list has a new filter to show removed and active products separately.

Package types changes is not allowed anymore.

In waiting list it is now visible if person is a new customer.

In bookings 'triple-dot' button it is now shown when person started the current course and how many sessions he or she has attended.

'Setup this device as checkin terminal' page has been simplified.

There is no user list anymore on permissions page. This list was never really helpful.

Session and booking widgets had a very unfriendly message when someone was entering not exactly 4 characters into series code field. Now it does not scald people about that simple mistake (it is not showing any sessions or bookings instead).

Voucher types that are in use do not have a 'delete' button anymore. It is not possible to get rid of voucher type after you started to use one.

We are not using browser alert window on checkin anymore. Chrome sometime does not show this window which leads to confusing moment after you clicked the button to check someone in and nothing happened. Now it consistently shows the confirmation window.

Packages can have now a 'special' flag. Those 'special' packages (like 99% discounts for good friends of the business) are shown in the 'special' section in UDIO. To force staff members to make an extra click before giving those discounts to everyone.

Booking types now have a less confusing flag 'staff bookings', and account has a setting that allows to select whose names are shown in sessions list.

Unsubscribe link in emails does not show server error anymore (it was showing error if several accounts had similar billing account codes).

'Add booking' button is not visible on cancelled sessions' pages.

Add session form does not show removed facilities anymore.

Also removed facilities should not be shown anywhere (they were sometimes shown in some of the filters).

Add person and add family allows to show more than 1 joining question now.

If payment type was set to both 'manual Stripe' and 'auto stripe' at the same time — it was not possible to use it for any. It is fixed now.

Attendance list looks better now and prints all sessions ahead (for term-based scheduling).

August 2016

Make-up booking and session detail in customer accounts now shows instructor names.

In customer accounts new contact details are added to all people on billing account.

Sessions list is now printable to mark attendance manually.

New course session form now includes settings for series.

Survey questions on joining is now asked as a part of the form, not in a separate step.

Survey question 'why are you leaving' is now not skippable.

Course completions are automatically added when person is moved to a new course.

Updated list of social accounts on person's detail page.

Email templates can now include list of course and achievements completions for everyone on billing account.

Preparation work for a new, faster self-checkin flow.

Temporary spots calculation is now taking in account available spots in the future. If next week does not have spots available, this week spots will be shown as temporary.

Waiting list is able to change existing purchase for the customer,  if customer is waiting for a spot to move existing booking, not to book a new one.

Automatic payments of billing accounts can be enabled and disabled from customer accounts and UDIO, without deleting credit cards.

Customers are now able to see how many spots available in the session when booking through customer accounts.

By including "is:removed" into search you can search for removed people now.

Special search for "me" will redirect to the person associated with your user.

Survey question can't be deleted if it has answers.

Store removal page gives explanation why it can't be removed.

People search page now works a bit faster.

Import personal data now gives better error messages on import of invalid data.

Package edit form now opens in correct mode.

Account notes are no longer shown two times if they are due and starred.

Changing of customer accounts slug now works without delay.

Accessing customer accounts with invalid slug shows helpful message instead of scary server error.

Better indication of setup mode on/off.

No server error in stocktake printable view.

June 2016

Customer accounts signup link in email templates is generated for bill payer

Shows 'returning' customers for facility

Upgraded "new student bookings/First Sessions" widget on dashboard

Common contact details are shared between people on billing account after import (optionally)

Pending stock orders in homepage widget are grouped by status

Improvements for Courses and Programmes views

Improvement to package edit form

Package discounts form now has "select all" button for Packages and Facilities

'Questions' are renamed to 'Survey questions'

'Instant messenger handles' or 'IM' in people's details are renamed to 'Social accounts'

User is redirected to facility after creating it

"Voucher" filter in bookings by course/facility reports is including only bookings which have used this voucher

Import of people was taking wrong people's details

Closure day on the last day of the months was not taken into account during purchase charge calculation

Empty form for bookings cancel was causing server error

Reply email for payment receipts was set to generic email, not to the facility's

Adding pricing option for the same facility and same day for package was causing server error

Some very big Store billing accounts had trouble opening. Now they can be opened.

Series of sessions with end date set now created in whole

Release notes